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Developing Innovative CLM Solutions



GateFive Consulting is a Canadian boutique consulting firm specializing in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we service companies across North America with their CLM system design, implementation, maintenance and support. Our consultants are experienced in the industry-leading CLM solutions available today and the business-specific disciplines (legal, procurement, sales, regulatory) that use them.

GateFive can provide the knowledge, services, and support to successfully deliver the CLM solution you needed yesterday.   Explore the full suite of CLM  professional services we offer and then contact us to discuss your project and how we can align for success.

About Us
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GateFive can accelerate your CLM digital transformation with innovative and proven technology services and deep industry experience. Our clients trust us to deliver robust contract management solutions with a focus on value and quality by leveraging modern agile approaches and principles.




Just beginning your CLM transformation? GateFive consultants can support you through the stressful process of ensuring you are partnering with the right technology partner. Make sure your first decision is the right one.


Project Management

Ensure your project, its team, stakeholders, and clients are organized for success from the start. GateFive leverages proven strategies, plans and methodologies to deliver value quickly.


Implementation Support

Fast-track your CLM project by leveraging experienced team members. GateFive consultants know the CLM systems, are experienced with contract management, and bring the lessons learned to ensure a successful project.


Configuration & Deployment

Watch as your CLM solution materializes, in front of your eyes, as we leverage agile methodologies and tools. Technical configuration and deployment of industry leading CLM platforms, including  interfacing to existing systems.


Legacy Data Management

Maximize the value of your legacy assets by having them online at go-live. GateFive consultants leverage proven strategies to ensure legacy contracts and master data is migrated efficiently and concisely. 


Operational Support

Standalone, or as part of a project, GateFive can provide tailored user support, training, system administration, and configuration enhancements.



Click here to download your free whitepaper on the 7 critical factors to CLM system implementation success.

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